Power battery strong expansion behind the Chinese equipment quietly rising

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With the policy to promote and downstream demand to stimulate the power battery industry listed companies have increased investment in production capacity.

Statistics show that by the end of 2016 China's power battery capacity of 101GWh, is expected by the end of 2017 the total planned capacity will reach 230GWh, an increase of 127%.

Lithium data search found that the first half of this year, more than 20 listed companies have released a power battery expansion plan, an increase of 133%.

From the historical point of view, any one of the rise of the industry, equipment manufacturers are directly beneficiaries, leading enterprises are often born here.

Shun Teng melon can be found, China's lithium battery manufacturers are quietly rising, they are generally full of orders this year.

First of all, the new energy vehicle companies to improve the power battery requirements, as well as the tightening of national policies to promote the battery equipment to upgrade the iteration, and the acceleration trend.

Second, the battery production equipment every 2 - 3 years will iterate once, if not the old equipment to upgrade, in the market will lose the competitive advantage.

Finally, the new energy vehicle financial subsidies and other relevant policies on the battery energy density, mileage requirements, will also have a chain reaction, conduction to the battery equipment, to promote the battery business equipment to make the appropriate adjustments.

According to the starting point of study (SPIR) statistics, 2016 China lithium battery cell size of 7.5 billion, an increase of more than 100%. Which accounted for 5.5 billion domestic equipment.

Starting point research (SPIR) is expected to increase the proportion of domestic production in the future.

Starting point research (SPIR) said that the current power battery capacity and performance, far from the end of the electric car and energy storage market demand, the next 3-5 years will be lithium battery equipment high growth period.

In the market, we can see, Japan and South Korea and other imported equipment is the price of domestic equipment 2 - 10 times, but in the personalized customization, flexible product applicability, post-maintenance updates, etc., domestic equipment has been more advantages.

In addition, we should not only see some enterprises imported from Japan and South Korea equipment, in fact, the current situation is that China's lithium equipment manufacturers with its cost-effective, is quietly into the Japanese and Korean battery market.

China's lithium battery manufacturing industry is already rising.
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