A Comparative Analysis of Application Field and Performance of Power Battery Subdivision

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(A) power battery classification and application areas
Power battery is the power source for the delivery of power tools, generally refers to the electric two-wheelers, electric tricycles, micro-electric vehicles, new energy vehicles to provide power battery. According to the different raw materials, power batteries in the use of the market is divided into the traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells.
(1) lead acid battery
Lead-acid battery is currently the most widely used power battery, mainly used in electric two-wheelers, electric tricycles and micro-electric vehicles. According to statistics, in the production of electric two-wheelers, the use of lead-acid batteries accounted for more than 98%. This is mainly due to its many advantages: the development of a long history, technology is more mature, more than the power, and the lower cost.
From the use of lead-acid batteries with the use of point of view, lead-acid power batteries are mainly used in electric two-wheelers, electric tricycles and electric vehicles.
(2) lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion battery is mainly used in the field of new energy vehicles, the main varieties for the development of more mature lithium iron phosphate and the emerging three yuan lithium battery, security issues become one of the reasons restricting its development.
(3) fuel cell
A fuel cell is a power plant that converts chemical energy from fuels and oxidants directly into electrical energy. Fuel cell is widely used, can be used for aerospace, space station, power plant regional power supply, on-site Serve energy system, electric vehicles and mobile power.
(B) Comparison of power battery performance
Each battery has its own characteristics, different battery performance determines the field of its application, no battery can meet all the purposes, in the established application areas will be based on different requirements of the use of different batteries exist at the same time status quo.
Performance comparison of electric battery for automobile
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