2016 lithium battery technology breakthrough

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Lithium batteries in our lives will play a more and more important role. From the smart phone to the electric car and then to the energy storage, everywhere visible lithium battery figure. However, with the development of these industries, people put more demand for these products, but also made more stringent requirements for lithium. Therefore, the battery technology breakthrough, is particularly important. At present, lithium-ion battery energy density and safety performance to be improved, lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium air batteries and solid-state batteries are hoping to replace the lithium-ion battery, these three battery technology, industry research is a hot area. 2016 is about to come to the end, look back this year, OFweek lithium grid carefully inventory of the top ten related research results for your reference!

  Breakthrough one: South Korea introduced a new type of explosion-proof all-solid lithium batteries

  Professor Uoon University of Science and Technology (UNIST, School of Energy and Chemical Engineering) Professor Yoon Seok Jun and Seoul National University. Professor Seng M. Oh led the R & D team to develop an all-solid lithium battery. The method used to develop the battery is to melt the solid electrolyte first and then apply the molten electrolyte to the electrode. In order to solve the problem that the contact between the powdered solid electrolyte and the electrode active material is inactive, the lithium ion is more difficult to move to the electrode. The team has also developed a material that enhances the conductivity of solid electrolytes, adding lithium iodide (LiI) to the methanol solution.

  According to the team's Professor Jung, the newly developed solid electrolyte has a high ionic conductivity, non-toxic. And the use of battery raw materials and solvent (methanol) prices are cheaper.


  Breakthrough two: the new dual-ion battery technology cost lower energy density higher

  Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Tang Yongbing researcher and his team developed a new high energy storage, low volume battery technology.

  According to reports, Tang Yongbing invented the aluminum - graphite dual - ion battery, is a new efficient, low - cost energy storage battery. This new type of battery, with graphite instead of lithium batteries in the lithium compounds, as a cathode material, with aluminum foil as the anode material and negative current collector. The electrolyte consists of conventional lithium salts and carbonate-based organic solvents.


  The new battery in the charging process, the positive graphite graphite anion intercalation reaction, and aluminum anode aluminum-lithium alloying reaction, the discharge process is the opposite. This new reaction mechanism not only significantly improves the battery operating voltage (3.8-4.6V), while significantly reducing the battery quality, volume, and manufacturing costs, thereby enhancing the overall battery energy density (~ 220 Wh / kg).

The team members said that 500kg of aluminum - graphite battery mileage can reach about 550 km, while the same weight of ordinary electric vehicle batteries, mileage up to only more than 400 kilometers. Compared with the traditional lithium battery technology, aluminum - graphite battery can reduce production costs by about 40% -50%, energy density increased by at least 1.3-2.0 times.

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