Singapore has successfully developed a new generation of automotive batteries

Release time:2017-06-20  Read:

At present, the key factor restricting the development of electric vehicles is the battery, in addition to cost accounted for 70% of the whole car, there are short life, charging time and water caused by explosion and other defects.
Dr. Li Baosheng, a researcher at the National University of Singapore, and Dr. Gong Weicheng, a partner from the United States, has developed a new generation of electric vehicle batteries. The most important feature is the new liquid cooling system, which is designed to prevent the battery from flooding or overheating. Battery performance. At the same time, the car battery will generally only two and a half years of life extended to five years, and can quickly charge from the current at least a few hours, or even overnight charging time, shortened to only one or two hours.
At present, the company is actively a new generation of automotive battery market, and Suzhou Industrial Park, the National Institute of Technology (NUSRI) as the base, select the bus as a starting point for business in China, will be in the Chinese market. A new generation of batteries by the Singapore National University incubator business support, guidance and business matchmaking, and ultimately settled in Suzhou Industrial Park, the National Institute of Suzhou.
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