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Harding Energy includes Harding Energy Inc. in America and Shenzhen Harding Energy Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Harding Energy Co., Ltd is founded in 2013, located at Zhiji Industry Park of the beautiful Dapeng New District in Shenzhen. We are a comprehensive enterprise with R&D, design, produce, sales and services. The products include NI-MH battery, Alkaline battery, Li-ion battery, Polymer etc. and these battery packs, charger, adapter etc.. The administrators are mainly from China, Hong Kong and America. They are rich experience in managing the internationalizing enterprises. There are many world-class customers from different countries and regions, such as Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Europe, America, Japan and Korea etc. We are supplying all kinds of battery packs involving in the wearable device, UAV, electric power tool, power bank, electric vehicle, energy storage device, mobile charging pile etc. Our R&D group has yielded substantial results in the battery application, BMS research, molding and physical design, manufacturing processes, automation equipment and so on.

Along with the on-going rapid expansion and technical innovation, Harding Energy not only increases the input of technology research, but also protects and utilizes the R&D achievements and related intellectual property. We have many authorized domestic and international patents, which offer legal protection of our company competitive advantages.

Harding Energy is developing with the purpose of more secure, more convenient and more efficient new energy programs. We set up customer benefit first concept as the principle, and satisfy the customer needs as our duty. It is our always pursue to be the well-respected strategic partners for our customers.

Harding Energy Inc is founded in 1987 by local businessmen and physicians in West Michigan. Started by Dr. Nicholas Pietrangelo and Stan Ovshinsky, inventor of Nickel Metal Hydride technology, Harding Energy was one of the first companies to obtain a license from Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) to manufacture and distribute NiMH batteries and battery assemblies. We have well-made professional team with thirty years of experience in designing power supply, and accept to customize all kinds of environmental energy solutions. The products are popular with high technology, good quality and superior high safety.

Harding Energy has the modern warehouse in California of America. We are advanced experienced in warehouse management. In order to operating the warehouse effectively and beneficially, we carry out the management with systematization, reutilization and modernization. Harding Energy is always doing our best to all-round services for our customers.

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